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Case Study: Taking a ecommerce site from start to (near) finish

Client Overview: CA Souls

CA Souls is two female craftsmen and entrepreneurs that  aim to authentically connect people through memorable gifting experiences by incorporating the uniqueness and secrecy of Morse code into their jewelry designs.

While there are many jewelers, their major advantage is their focus on one kind of jewelry. Moreover, while other companies try to be everything to everyone, they focus on being one thing – a liaison that connects people through gifting experiences.

We used that advantage in crafting a complete digital marketing strategy that focussed on classic advertising models – identify the target audience, bring them to the site, optimize for sales – but using modern methods. Additionally, instead of focussing on big, we focussed on small – carefully selecting our targeting to include sure growth and keep wasted time and resources at a minimum.

List of Strategies

  1. Creating and curating authentic social content
  2. Managing and engaging with online communities
  3. Seasonal Campaign Creation
  4. Search engine optimization
  5. Blogger outreach & influencer marketing
  6. Paid advertising
  7. Email marketing

Creating and curating authentic social content

CA Souls’ main audience is females with a flare for the boutique and crafted. The audience also yearns for meaningful human connections with loved ones, which is often expressed through personal gifts. In order to connect with those individuals, we helped them create content that showcases CA Souls as two female craftsmen entrepreneurs who love making exquisite custom jewelry.

Our work entailed working professional photographers, taking our own photos, making videos, writing copy, and creating calls-to-action, then using those assets for social media. Additionally, all of the content and assets we created we able to be used and repurposed for other marketing activities.

By creating and curating authentic social content, we formed meaningful connections with our audience that extended beyond just the products

Managing and engaging with online communities

Online communities are the quickest way to find new customers and reach like-minded people but also it’s a great way to communicate with current customers/fans.

Using social media, we created content and posts that flowed in a positive and productive manner, then we responded to customer comments and commented on other people’s posts.  If they followed, we sent welcome messages to say thank you. In terms of data collection, we monitored the activity of people coming to the social profile each day in order to better understand what is most popular content, what are people engaging with, and what drives the most traffic and best results. Using that data we were better able to plan our social content.

Seasonal Campaign Creation

It’s no secret that shopping trends often revolve around timeliness, hence marketing execution should be done in concert with those times. For our audience, there’s a lot of shopping going on around female-centric and holidays and events – Mothers’ Day, weddings, Valentine’s Day. In order to capitalize on that, we created campaigns around them, making the ads, images, website, and social media all reflecting the same campaign message based around the season or event.

Using our campaign ideas, we launched campaigns across email, Google – search and display, facebook, instagram, and pinterest. By being timely, we were able to drive real results with a profitable ROI.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

While saying it makes it seem so obvious, that the foundation for search engine growth is your site, many people miss this. Many miss it because they’re unsure of how to optimize their site for search engines, others miss it because they don’t do it at all, and still a few miss it because they optimize too broadly. In this case, CA Souls had done some SEO, but it was missing two things: key research and optimization specificity.

For CA Souls, we started with research, carefully selecting our keywords to use in optimization. Again, not going after big, but staying extremely specific to our mission and products. After we selected about 40 keywords, we started optimizing the site making it more in tune with the keywords people were using in search.

We modified the following:

  • Site architecture & Navigation
  • URL structure
  • Heading tags
  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image titles and al text

By keeping our keyword selection focussed, we were able to pick up incremental lifts in traffic for each keyword that, together, added up to big gains in organic traffic growth.

After we’d done that, we also worked with bloggers and influencers to build relevant backlinks that were keyword optimized and highly relevant. So you have a symbiotic situation where the site is properly optimized, then you have backlinks being driven to those pages. It’s this sort of alignment that helped us improve our organic results significantly.

Blogger outreach & influencer marketing

There are two advantages to reaching out to bloggers and influencers:

  1. They already have a decent audience size.
  2. They have a high level of credibility.

The first step to getting customers is getting an audience with them, therefore finding people who already have audiences in the space and speaking to them, we were able to drive their audience to the site.

To speak our second point, customers are much more apt to trust recommendations from a celebrity or authority more often than a company itself. Moreover, if the recommendation is personal and authentic, it carries a lot of weight with an audience. For example, you don’t usually trust a person who comes up to you and brags about himself or herself but you often believe your mutual friend who mentions that person. Think of the influencer as the mutual friend connecting your company with your target customers.

We launched a Mother’s day campaign on Instagram mostly targeting young, millennial moms. We grew our follower number by researching young mom bloggers and adding them on our following list. After selecting multiple influencer who are already in our follower list, we reached out to them by telling them that one of the CA Souls owner is a young mom and she created a collection to celebrate young motherhood. After these reach-outs, we grew our numbers by 50+ (the balance of follows/unfollows) followers and our click through rate went 81% on social media.

Paid advertising

Paid advertising is the fastest, easiest way to start generating traffic and sales. To that end we used paid ads to gather visitor data – how they come to the site, what messaging resonates best with customers, and additional audience insights from the traffic.

We launched highly (and when I say highly, I mean highly) targeted campaigns using keywords that were very specific to the products. And because we had used our SEO data to set up our site architecture, assigning landing pages to the ads was relatively easy.

After running the ads for some time, we used the data search, shopping, banner space, and social media to optimize for performance and to get feedback on our audience that we could use to create more campaigns and refine our targeting.

Email marketing

CA Souls had already set up the entry form to save 10% in exchange for customer email – they just hadn’t fully utilized the power of those people that signed up. Additionally, because we were driving so much more traffic to the site, we were able to capture more emails to really maximize the power of email.

That said, we created monthly emails for them covering company news, customer testimonials, and upcoming campaigns and promotions.


In summary, our work with CA Souls was a huge success, if I do speak for us. In purely performance terms, ROI was far above performance goals, revenue grew immensely, and we’ve built something that can scale with limited wasted spend. We ‘ve been able to effectively connect the audience with the product and generate growth.

Whether by luck or by strategy, the picked a great product to make that is unique and focussed. We used that advantage in crafting a complete and compelling digital marketing strategy.

P.S. I say near finish because there’s always room for growth.

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